I waited for you, lips still

pretending I too knew how to be patient

when you, not a few minutes behind

did not arrive fashionably late

I sprung

to find him

budding in silence

standing in my doorway

like Janus

so closed, quiet, strong

open, wild, wrong

perfect for me then

I lapped up his misconstrued behavior

on my palette, the taste of a savior


as I savored flavors

I’d never known to be

black and white foundation

blurring into an unrecognizable shade


struggling to breathe

While I suffocated him beneath blue blankets

I awaited

twisting limber limbs within mine

trailing starved tongue

down longing spine

till I met where he divided


and undecided

like I,

Glancing over my shoulder

but in the meantime

entwining his fingers with vines

stealing history and sharing lies

quietly praying you had demised

as he became mine

January was welcomed that year

like a brilliant idea

filling hidden spaces

and traces I had not bothered to discover

they were abandoned and forgotten an innocence ago

down trodden and rotten

until I thought…

Perhaps I only needed a hand


gentle and almost aloof

perhaps optimistic within this youth

like that tooth children put under their pillows

when first finding out there is a fairy for such a great loss

and I wondered…

what happened to you?

I waited and you did not bother to show,

not a glimmering eye or a wandering wave

Yet here I stand, cradling these impossible ideas

Of your physique that towers

carved from magic of an amateur illusionist

and your humor with wit, and that perfect 10 inch dick

with those looming bedroom eyes

an intriguing scent that would sojourn

inside the traces of my lust

so recently born

starved, craving

until I devoured him whole

and in turn he crunched and crackled my bones

licked my blood

overlooked my wounds

the scars that I bore before our first full moon

I watched him gorge himself

on a feast of my body

meal of my mind, he deemed most fulfilling

love he longed for ever

though I had tossed the possibility of him

into never

onto the other side

of that opened door

as I grasped onto you,

grasp onto you

still hungry but

always willing to harbor hunger pangs



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